Novel Women 2 - the 2nd book of the trilogy.
Energized by changes in careers and romances, the ladies of NOVEL WOMEN book club transition from their tumultuous summer into autumn. Free from societal expectations they soon discover that this sage stage of life doesn't come with instructions.

Sandwiched between their parents and children they look to each other to help navigate this confusing period. Hanna's sister is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness forcing her and her controlling mother under the same roof; Ava extricates her reluctant mother from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria where she's reacquainted with a neighbor's son; Charlotte grapples with her boyfriend's ex-wife's looming presence and hostile children; Madeline senses something isn't quite right with her husband's business associate and friend; Bri flounders returning to work after a twenty-year hiatus as she searches for purpose when her children leave for college; and Staci is more interested in the condensation of her drink at a singles event she attends with Charlotte than meeting any of the men. She longs for her evasive Vermont farmer.

The six women buoy each other up to ride out these storms with an abundance of wisdom, resilience, strength, and ---yes, ---love. After all, book club is so much more than just reading.
Praise for Novel Women - the book.
"When a group of women have monthly book club together for 10 years they discuss more than story arcs - specifically their own! The intimate details they share guarantee a fun and juicy read. When their lives enter a transition stage - divorce, empty nests, restlessness - these life changes risk altering the group dynamic forever. It is utterly enjoyable being a fly on the wall of these Novel Women!"
—Eva Lesko Natiello, New York Times bestselling author of The Memory Box.
"Being of 'a certain age' myself, with my own empty nest and thoroughly enjoying my personal 'second chapter,' I completely identified with the women portrayed in Novel Women. They spoke to me in ways no pert young protagonist could. I admired their close friendships, worried when they faced crises of love and life, and rooted for them to prevail. Novel Women is a fun read, and I'm waiting for book two!"
—Michelle Cameron, Author of The Fruit of Her Hands and In the Shadow of the Globe
"Ultimately a celebration of resilience and friendship, Novel Women weaves together the strands of several lives - each character more compelling than the last. For ten years, Brianna and her reading group have confided in and comforted each other, even as rivalries and resentments have simmered in the background of their meetings. Now after a decade of discussions, the women are poised to confront their futures (and in some cases their pasts) to see what the next chapters of their lives hold. Novel Women is the ideal read for rainy afternoons and shared bottles of wine; you'll find yourself rooting for the characters and cheering on the steps they take to embrace chances at rediscovered love and newly rewritten endings."
—Eireann Corrigan, Author of Accomplice and Ordinary Ghosts
Five women from Between Friends Book Club collaborated and wrote NOVEL WOMEN. It is a fictional story about acceptance, friendship and love with just the right amount of sex!

When middle age hits - it hits hard. Marriages fall apart, children leave for college, and jobs disappear. The six women of NOVEL WOMEN stand at this crossroad in their lives when their beloved book club goes on hiatus for the summer.

Through their summer of confusion and rediscovery, heartache and loss, these NOVEL WOMEN manage to grow closer by the ever-enduring power of love and friendship. And along the way they have the best sex of their lives.

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