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Stories. It’s all about the stories. They enhance our lives, help us when we’re down, show us we’re not alone, make our hearts race for pleasure or pain or fear. They come in all styles and genres – no matter what you fancy. Some send shock waves through the universe and others make a small child laugh.

We have boldly gone and told a story ourselves. Five members of our book club, Between Friends, collaborated and wrote Novel Women.

Novel Women

When middle age hits – it hits hard. Marriages fall apart, children leave for college, and jobs disappear. The six women of Novel Women stand at this crossroad in their lives when their beloved book club goes on hiatus for the summer:

  • Bri, the book club founder, faces down a beautiful woman who tries to seduce her husband as Bri struggles with her own midlife meltdown.
  • Staci falls in love on the rebound after her divorce – but is love enough to overcome grief.
  • Tess, devastated after her husband’s sudden death, house/dog sits for a friend, falling in love with a handyman/ex-Ranger and a 100-pound golden retriever named Mac.
  • Charlotte after a painful divorce, she has sworn off attachments of any kind. She basks in sex without intimacy…until romance finds her.
  • Ava, a successful business woman hangs on to her marriage and business, both of which are threatened by her husband’s secrets.
  • Hanna overwhelmed and neglected by her workaholic husband, she endangers her marriage of 16 years by lusting after her daughter’s handsome soccer coach.

Through their summer of confusion and rediscovery, heartache and loss, these Novel Women manage to grow closer by the ever-enduring power of love and friendship. And along the way they have the best sex of their lives.

Five women from our Between Friends book club collaborated and wrote NOVEL WOMEN. As long-time book clubbers, we’ve experienced an empowering sense of camaraderie and invested the novel with that spirit. We know other book clubs will recognize and share in our companionship and we invite them on this journey of acceptance, friendship and love – “From our book club to yours.

Stay tuned.

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